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Stand Up Paddle boarding (SUP) combines surfing and walking on the water into one of the most accessible watersports for all ages. With our passionate SUP and surf instructors, we can get you up and riding in only a few hours!

What do we offer?

BKA offers Stand up paddle boarding Lessons, rentals and sales.

Lessons are normally short courses at 2 hours per session, but can be adjusted to longer periods if required. Great for the family and all ages are welcome.

To become an independent SUPer from scratch can take up to 6 hours to master the basics, but this may vary depending on the individual. 2 Hour sessions at a time are the best to allow fast progress. We can also tailor the lesson to suit your specific needs and level of learning.

We have different board and paddle sizes to accommodate the variety of ages, weights, and abilities. We offer detailed instruction for the beginners and all the equipment needed to enjoy your time on the water.

We also offer supervised riding courses for SUPers who have completed a basic beginner course already and advanced wave-riding courses for experienced SUPers who would like to learn some new skills.

All our instructors are qualified, teaching up to 5 students per instructor, but each student will use their own SUP gear. Smaller group sessions and private one on one lessons are also available.

Beginner SUP lessons are usually conducted at Flamingo Vlei or Small Bay – both locations are about 30 minutes north of central Cape Town, and close to the BKA shop. Advanced SUP lessons are conducted usually at Bloubergstrand, Big Bay or Melkbosstrand depending on the swell conditions of the day. Depending on the ocean conditions we may conduct the lesson across the road from the BKA shop.

Lessons are done 7 days a week, wind and weather dependant. 2 Hour sessions usually run from 10h00 to 12h00, or on pre-determined times depending on the wind and weather conditions.

WHY TAKE LESSONS FROM A SCHOOL / INSTRUCTOR (and not learn from a friend or magazine/DVD)?

  1. You can learn basic concepts from a Magazine or DVD but nothing can replace the value of having an Instructor standing over your shoulder giving you feedback and advice while in a live padling situation.
  2. Qualified Instructors have the training and knowledge on how to teach in a safe and fun environment.
  3. Instructors will have the appropriate size SUPs for the conditions and your skill level.
  4. Instructors will only allow you to progress to the next step once you have fully mastered the basics.
  5. Instructors have the knowledge and skill to analyse your mistakes and correct them immediately to aid your progression.
  6. Although SUPing is relatively easy to learn, mastering the basics at the start will aid your progression in the future.

How much does it cost to start SUPing?
A full set of new gear (SUP, paddle, leash) will cost anywhere from R13000 to R25 000 depending on year and model of the gear. Many manufacturers offer entry-level packages that are very reasonable. You can also purchase pre-owned gear from R10 000 to R15 000.

Is SUPing easy?
SUPing is definitely one of the easiest watersports to learn; with good instruction most people enjoy an incredibly fast learning curve. Without instruction, trying to learn SUPing can be frustrating and dangerous.

Do I need to be in good shape to SUP?
A basic level of fitness is all you usually need. Modern gear can be adjusted to work for people with a broad range of physical ability. Minimum requirement is being able to swim at least 50 metres.

Why can’t I just learn from a video or a magazine?
You can learn a lot from videos and magazines, but there is no substitute for having an instructor provide feedback, share local knowledge, maximise safety and customise instruction to your individual needs, not to mention most of them are really cool guys!

Why can’t I just learn from my friend?
A friend is a good starting point, but he likely won’t have the beginner friendly gear nor the patience and experience to give you the most effective lesson.

Do I need any skills before I take a lesson?
All you need is to be comfortable in the water and ready to learn. You also don’t need to have learnt to surf before, although this will be an advantage in terms of confidence in the ocean. Many people learn SUPing despite limited board-sport experience. If you have ever surfed, kayaked or paddle-ski’d before, it will be a help, but no surf or paddling skills are necessary as we start from the basics and build on that.

What equipment would I need to SUP?
You’ll need an SUP (stand up paddle board), paddle and leash; additionaly you may need a wetsuit depending on the location where you will be paddling. There is also a variety of optional accessories to customise your equipment. Buoyancy Aids and Helmets are highly recommended.


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