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The New WOO App

The WOO Kite App is all new in 2021 to better support all riders for all sessions. The latest update adds free functionality for everyone, like the ability to record a Freeride GPS session with simply an Apple Watch, iOS or Android phone. Riding Big Air with a WOO sensor is supercharged with the latest Apple Watch App, now supporting GPS recording to compliment the jump data from your WOO. And as always, you'll see sessions coming in from around the world, get jump-by-jump breakdowns of your session, and learn more about the riders and spots around you.


Leaderboards for every spot, country, or continent always give you something to boost for.

Cheer on Friends

Follow friends and cheer them on when they score a big day.

Explore Spots

Find your next spot to ride in the world in one of kiteboarding's best spot databases.

Global Community

See where riders from around the world are scoring wind.

Smartwatch Integrated

Connect your Apple, Garmin, or WearOS Watch to see stats in real time.

Badges & Milestones

Collect Badges & Milestones as you progress your riding.


The WOO Sensor (the ‘WOO‘ for short) is the key to recording and playing during your sessions. Compare our blue little nugget to a Gaming Console, our different modes are the games, you are the controller! Get in the Game!

Long battery life (8 hours / 1200+ jumps)

Wirelessly synchronize WOO to your phone or tablet on the go

Records relative position to determine jump height, airtime, landing force, trick performed, and landing quality.

Designed to take a beating and keep recording

Completely sealed to protect against damage

The device contacts hold up to repeated contact with water

n the box: the WOO, Charger, Mount.

  • Download for iOS or Android now (WOO Sports App).
  • Watch apps for iOS, Garmin and Google Wear
  • Play in WOO Kite
  • Works with all Big Air and Freestyle Games

Learn more at woosports.com/the-woo 

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