Reedin DreamStick V1 (s/h)

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Year model | 2020

Mileage | Unknown 

Repairs | None 

Condition | ❶❷❸❹❺❻❼⑧❾❿

Owner(s) | Trade in

Include(s) | Complete control bar/lines

Brand Description:


The Dreamstick bar is light, direct, robust and adaptable to all conditions. With the Dreamstick you have a perfect bar for all styles. From Big-air to wave-kiting, this bar is your best friend with an easy-to-use and high-quality safety system.

Designed to be easy to use and practical: The Reedin Dreamstick kitesurfing bar fits comfortably in your hands thanks to its narrow construction. This bar is lightweight and extremely robust. Because of the auto-swivel system, the lines are less likely to twist hence the kite keeps steering well. The safety system is ISO rated and certified as one of the safest and easiest to use on the market. By using a plastic cover around the double de-powerline, it needs fewer replacements. 

– Practical and easy to use.

– Wear and tear – resistant due to the plastic tube around the de-powerline.

– Safe ISO certified safety system.

– Adjustable bar-ends so you can fit one bar to all sizes of kites.

Skill level:
Beginner | Intermediate | Advanced | Expert

Free-ride | All-round | Free-style | Wake-style | Big Air | Wave-riding | Foil-riding | Light-wind

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