Eleveight Master V3 Twintip

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The Master is a high-performance freeride to freestyle twintip for riders with a powerful style to boost staggering big airs and send handlepass tricks.


  • Performance freeride to freestyle twin tip with advanced 3D design

  • Innovative parabolic rails for better rail grip and upwind ability

  • Varying beveled rails optimize flex, speed, and pop

  • Aerospace grade Spread Tow Carbon reinforcement for refined rebound flex

  • Heavy-duty built quality with UV-resistant top deck

136×41 | 139×42 | 142×43


Meet the brand new version of our renowned shred stick, the Master. We rebuilt this high-performance freeride to freestyle board from scratch, to exceed the expectations of riders with an aggressive style, pushing their limits. Every inch of this board is dedicated to boosting staggering mega loops and stomping technical freestyle tricks. In terms of freeride and freestyle performance, it unites the best of both worlds. To achieve this, we fused superior design, unmatched materials, and masterful craftsmanship, and then added a whole bunch of innovative features.

For Version 3, we created an entirely new 3D mold with a refined structure. Most prominently are the new beveled rails, varying the thickness of the edges along the board’s outline. In the tips and the center, the rail profile is thinner, increasing the flex in those areas. As a result, the board can generate more speed. Furthermore, the release when popping the board is improved. This effect is multiplied by the new Aerospace grade Spread Tow Carbon reinforcement that provides the ideal rebound flex. The Master pops higher than ever before, giving riders more time to execute freestyle tricks. The board also comes equipped with our highly innovative Parabolic Rail Shape technology (PRS). The tucked-under-rail improves upwind-travel, cuts through chop more comfortably, and speed generation is further enhanced. Combined with the radical bottom shape, staying in control and holding the edge, even in raging storms, is a breeze. For faster response and better turning characteristics, we shaved off some of the thickness in the tips, evolving the linear flex between center and rail. Lastly, we developed a new glossy UV resistant top sheet that amplifies the longevity of the board. The Master is the best board out there to send any trick.



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136cm, 139cm


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