Eleveight CS Vary Bar V3 (2021)

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● Four line bar with single front line safety

● Innovative Quick-Matic II release system with top swivel

● Ultra-durable single depower line with TPU cover for less friction

● Adjustable bar width thanks to integrated variable bar ends

● Thermo-coated high-precision lines made in Germany

/ 2021 Changes

● Entirely redesigned Quick Matic safety system for safety by intuitiveness

● New donkey stick and chicken loop, fine-tuned for convenience and comfort

● Refined single depower line with double-layered core of Spectra and covered with TPU for less friction and extra long life-span

● New red line swivel below the Quick Matic 2 for easy untwist and tangle-free use ● Reinforcement of pigtails for a stronger more durable connection and easy tie-on tie-off ● Tighter braided red safety line for increased longevity

/ DESIGN Vision

The ControlSeries Vary bar is the ultimate performance bar for precise control of all Eleveight kites. It follows two key-principles: "Safety by Simplicity" & "Performance by Design". Any rider instantly understands the layout and can operate the system even in high-stress situations. We proudly introduce V2 of our innovative QuickMatic release system. It is more durable and intuitive to use. The CS Vary has a low V with thermo-coated lines from Germany. A new red line swivel below the QR prevents them from twisting. The slick variable bar stick enables the rider to enjoy extra-long sessions. Also new: a wear-and-tear resistant, high-friction single depower line covered with TPU, as well as revised chickenloop, donkey stick, and pigtails.


For the updated ControlSeries Vary bar, we followed two key-principles: "Safety by Simplicity" and "Performance by Design". We made it the most intuitive system on the market.

– Peter Stiewe

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