Crazyfly All Round 2015 (s/h)

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Year model | 2015

Mileage | Unknown

Repairs | None 

Condition | ❶❷❸❹❺❻❼❽⑨❿

Owner(s) |  Lee Mountain

Include(s) |  Twintip/Fins/Handle/Board Bag

Brand Description:

If you are looking for a high quality kiteboard which performs well, looks cool, and has a very attractive price tag, then the Allround is the board for you. An incredibly comfortable board with soft flex, great upwind ability and a decent amount of pop, the Allround is constructed from three main elements: precisely CNC Shaped 3T Wood Core, Multi Axial Fiber Glass and Synergy side walls. These three high quality elements enable the board to deliver fantastic performance on the water, and the Allround’s construction is designed to fit a wide range of riders from beginner through to intermediate. 

The Allround received high marks from our testers for its user-friendly handling and overall fun ride. This board features three stance width adjustments and one option for duck. Testers liked the softer flex for cruising with decent load and pop, its extremely forgiving chop handling and found that the Allround was easy to set your edge and rocket upwind. The simple/flat bottom (no concave) makes the Allaround a little skatey in the turns compared to some of the other CrazyFly boards with more aggressive bottom shapes, but testers still recommended this board as a great single quiver board. Testers liked the plushness of the pads and the pronounced toe ridge for extra grip for aggressive riding and overall, found the pad/straps to be very comfortable.

Skill level:

Beginner | Intermediate | Advanced | Expert

Free-ride | All-round

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