Brunotti RDP (2014) (s/h)

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Year model | 

Mileage | Unknown 

Repairs | None 

Condition |❶❷❸❹❺❻❼⑧❽❾❿

Owner(s) | Tjaart Van der Walt

Include(s) | Board/Pads/straps/fins/Handle

Brand Description:

The Dimension from Brunotti is an all round freestyle freeride board designed for both straps and boots but with a focus on ease of use. The build quality on this board is exceedingly high and the finish and graphics add to the overall package. The base is a little thinner to add control and make the board more responsive, the underside features some serious shaping with channels on the rails in the mid section and a double concave that gets more progressive towards the tips. The straps and pads are well-made and easy to fit, comfortable too and the board ships with G10 fins as standard. 

On the Water

The Dimension flies upwind with ease, the grip from the thin rails and the double concave making it point high. It’s pretty fast too, whilst still giving a forgiving ride, often you find all round boards lack a little in the performance stakes but that isn’t the case with the Dimension. The flex tips and stiffer mid section allowing you to load up the edge and get plenty of pop. The wide outline and double concave combine to make landings very easy and controlled too. The flex and smooth ride through chop make this a much more all round offering for the rider who wants performance coupled with comfort and ease of use.

Skill level:
Intermediate | Advanced | Expert

Free-ride | All-round| Big Air

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