Best Waroo (2010) (s/h)

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Year model | 2010

Mileage | Unknown 

Repairs | None 

Condition | ❶❷❸❹❺❻⑦❽❾❿

Owner(s) | JB Massyn

Include(s) | Kite only 

Brand Description:


  • Twister Tech – the leading edge is equipped with Twister Tech, giving it unique twisting abilities. Normally the rider would use the wingtips for turning, but thanks to Twister Tech in the leading edge, the rider can use much more of the kite canopy for turning response.

  • Delta wingtips – the wingtips give the kite better relaunch capabilities and improved low end power.

  • VP3 bridle system – better than a standard front bridle system because it offers more depower and makes the kite easier to fly.

  • 3D Kevlar airframe – the Kevlar reinforced airframe is durable, weighs very little, and offers maximum precision.

  • EZ pump system – this durable system makes it quite easy to inflate the kite.

  • ABC custom tune – offers multiple depower, turning speed, and bar pressure settings.

  • Hidden bridle patch – the leading edge attachment points are placed on the inside of the kite.

  • New Flat Pack LE barrel seams

  • Canopy framing technology (CFT) – because from time to time you will inevitably crash the kite, the perimeter of each canopy segment is supported with a unique reinforcement zone. This way the canopy is isolated from impact and crash loads.

  • Kevlar elbows

  • Load-Flex seams – triple stitched seams from one tip of the leading edge to the other.

  • CFT reinforced trailing edge

  • Surf Tough – guarantees that the kite is of the highest quality

  • Available in 5 colors

Best Kiteboarding’s 2010 Waroo is a great choice for all the kitesurfers out there who like to freeride and would like to take their freeriding to the next step. The 2010 Waroo kite has a lot to offer to the passionate freerider: it is faster than previous Waroo kites, and it goes higher than previous kites. It also comes with a new Delta-wingtip design; this means the kite has better relaunch capabilities and improved low end power.

The 2010 Waroo is reminiscent of the Kahoona. That’s because the 2010 Waroo offers the same ease of use you have grown accustomed to get from the Kahoona. The kite is also reminiscent of the Nemesis NXG because the 2010 Waroo offers the same performance the Nemesis NXG provides.

Because the 2010 Waroo comes with a new canopy, it offers huge depower and enhanced low end ability. Because it has swept wingtips, it is quite easy to relaunch the kite. Because it has Twister Tech and new Flat Pack LE barrel seams, the kite has more feel and flow in the turns to offer. This means that no matter if you like to ride depowered or if you like to power-up, the 2010 Waroo will help you express yourself.

Skill level:
Beginner | Intermediate | Advanced

Free-ride | All-round

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