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Do it all

  • 4-line open C kite for unlimited freestyle and freeride performance
  • Grunty pull combined with great depower to cover huge wind range
  • Highest performance for all riding styles
  • Fastest turning speed for kiteloops and boosting big airs
  • Great pop and solid line slack for unhooked tricks

The TS is our flagship. Controllable power meets outstanding performance to match the highest expectations of all freestyle, wakestyle, freeride and wave riders. The TS is your choice to push your limits and do it all!


Turning Speed – Direct control for fast and powerful steering

You want to boost big, slice the glassy face of a wave or kiteloop? You need a kite with fast and direct steering! Best’s R&D team designed the TS to fit this description. With medium to high bar pressure, the kite follows the riders steering impulses with instant responsiveness and maximum agility. The light wind sizes 14 and 16 are easily mistaken with kites two sizes smaller due to their fast turning.


Unhooked Ability – Huge pop with plenty of slack

Being the most versatile kite in our range, the TS is utterly comfortable with unhooking. This kite ensures an incredible pop and offers great line slack to nail your trick. It easily hurls you out of the water to provide plenty of time to initiate and finish all tricks from basic handle passes to the most advanced freestyle tricks.


Depower – Full control in gusts with a huge wind range in every size

The TS is a grunty kite with endless, easily accessible power. Thanks to a huge depower this kite swallows gusts and strong winds actively throughout its huge wind range. The cleaner profile enhances the stability benefitting from a refined LE segmentation. Battens and our new Vibration Dampening System along the trailing edge smoothens the airstream for perfectly balanced aerodynamics.


Jumping Ability – Jump so high and never come back down

The TS was the most used kite model at the 2015 Red Bull King of the Air in Cape Town, ridden by Lewis Crathern, Nico Etienne, Billy Parker, Sam Medysky and Alex Neto. For a reason: The TS is designed to boost big. Due to the fast steering, the open C shape and the perfectly fine tuned aspect ratio, the kite shoots you into undiscovered altitudes while providing full control to comfortably add kiteloops or rotations to the jump.


Changes to previous model:

++ Refined LE segmentation for cleaner profile

++ 3D Foam Bridle Deflectors

++ Leading edge circumference seam protection

++ Added sizes for precision quiver building

++ Dual strut head reinforcements

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