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Year model | 2015

Mileage | About 2 seasons

Repairs | None

Condition | Kites are well used but in very good condition.

Owner(s) | Rental/demo kites used by BKA for testing.

Brand Description: 

The TS is the ultimate crossover kite for everybody who needs a performance oriented kite to boost big airs, throw unhooked wakestyle tricks, slice waves or get the most out of a freeride session. The TS is the kite to do it all. The Open-C design delivers a rock solid stability while the kite geometry ensures an easy handling without deducting the flying speed. If anything, the TS is one of the fastest kites on the market, thanks to its shape, bridle system and light weight. As the TS comes with a lifetime warranty, we build it bomb proof. The new model has a Double Core RipStop reinforced trailing edge and a fine tuned placement of Dacron canopy, making it ultra durable. You want to take your riding to the next level and need a kite to deliver no matter the chosen style? Do it all with the TS!

Skill level and discipline:

Intermediate | Advanced | Expert

Free-ride | Free-style | All-round | Big Air

BKA Secondhand gear:

All items are checked for damage and repairs, and fixed where needed. However, no manufacturer’s guarantee/warranty is offered. Please contact us directly for more pictures or further details on specific items.

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