Best RP Bar V4 (s/h)

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Year model | 2014

Mileage | Unknown

Repairs | None

Condition | ❶❷❸❹❺❻⑦❽❾❿

Owner(s) | Reza Katz

Include(s) | Bar/lines

Brand Description:
For 2014 we've created an even softer EVA to injection mold directly on top of our lightweight, composite reinforced bar end plugs to create the most comfortable and face friendly big ass bar ends that you'll ever use.
Underbar Swivel: Rebuilt to reduce friction, comfortable to grip and easier to twist than ever before.
Pro Cuff+ Quick Release: Push-to-release, easy to reassemble, resistant to false releases and built to last like no other. The Pro Cuff+ QR is tested to exceed all current international safety standards.
8mm Depower Line: Two 4mm thick depower lines are braided together to form an indestructible.
Delrin Bar Inserts: Replaceable low friction Delrin bar inserts help eliminate center line wear.
Redline Safety: Simple and effective single front line safety system. Automatically overrides the depower stopper when activated.
Depower Cleat: Our brand new cleat design, takes up less space, gives you more depower range and can be adjusted to fit any rider or riding style.
Depower Stopper: Ride for longer in more comfort with our depower stopper. Works in harmony with our Redline Safety system.
Back Line Adjusters:Adjust your back flying line length to rig your bar for any kite.
Front Line Tidy: Our Front Line Tidy keeps everything running smoothly above your Clam Cleat, it minimizes tangles and helps to ensure that your safety works first time, every time.

Skill level:
Beginner | Intermediate | Advanced | Expert

Free-ride | All-round | Free-style | Wake-style | Big Air | Wave-riding | Foil-riding | Light-wind

BKA Secondhand gear:
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47cm, 52cm, (S/H) 52cm


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