Best RP Bar V3 52cm (S/H)

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Year model | 2013

Mileage | About 1 season

Repairs | None

Condition | Bar is used and in very good condition.

Owner(s) | Trade in from BKA customer..

Brand Description:
Every molded part of the RP-Bar has been re-engineered to help you push your riding further than ever before. The Pro-Cuff+ quick release surpasses current international testing standards and delivers simple, one handed safety activation even with flying line loads exceeding 200kg. The Sacrifice Insert System helps eliminate center line wear while the Dual-Depower Stopper takes the strain from your arms so you can stay on the water for longer. The Redline Safety System gives you the option of left or right handed, single front line leashing and overrides the Dual Depower Stopper automatically. We’ve kept the Big Ass Bar Ends for your safety and comfort and reformulated the EVA for more grip and less slip. With sleeved leader lines and low stretch, 700lb rated flying lines the RP-Bar v3 package is already the most loved  4-line bar we’ve ever made.

Skill level and discipline:

Beginner | Intermediate | Advanced | Expert

Free-ride | Free-style | All-round | Wake-style | Wave-riding | Big Air

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