Best RP Bar V1 (s/h)

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Year model | 2011

Mileage | Unknown

Repairs | None

Condition | Bar is used and in good condition.

Owner(s) | Seughet Rossouw

Brand Description:
The GP-Bar takes the best of the Redline Performance Bar, strengthens and simplifies it to leave only the features that every freestyle competition rider absolutely must have. Our Pro-Cuff push-to-release QR sets the standard for ease of use and serviceability; all parts are available as spares so you can keep riding forever. The outer cuff has been modified to eliminate the possibility of accidental releases without increasing the minimum release load. The under bar swivel has been improved with added drainage vents and low profile twist tabs making it smoother to turn and easier to untwist your lines no matter how many loops you’ve thrown. For the GP-Bar we’ve thickened the center line depower ropes and then braided them together to form the thickest and most durable center line you’ve ever had. Add this to our Sacrifice-Insert-System that lines the bar center with replaceable low friction Delrin inserts and you have the smoothest depower action available.
New low profile molded bar ends with integral line winders help make those one handed loops easier than you expected and a new 3D grip pattern ensures you stay in contact with the bar no matter how aggressive your kite loops. Low stretch flying lines are 700lb rated, color coded for easy setup and proven to offer incredible durability. The GP-Bar is the toughest and most practical bar we’ve ever built; it’s the unfair advantage we all need.

Skill level and discipline:

Advanced | Expert

Free-style | Wake-style

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