Best GP V1 (S/H)

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Year model | 2012

Mileage | None

Repairs | None

Condition | This kite has not been used and is still brand new.

Owner(s) | Sell on behalf for a BKA customer.

Brand Description:
The GP from Best will take you back to the future, back to when all that mattered was raw performance and nailing every new trick you tried. The GP is team rider designed, tuned and tested and delivers an unbeatable combination of pop, responsive steering and amazing unhooked feel. The Reflex leading edge design (patent pending), unique to the GP, works just like suspension for your kite; helping to soak up the gusts and giving you the best unhooked feel you’ve ever ridden. Add in a huge sweet spot, our freestyle specific bar with 5th line relaunch and you have a C-kite package that is destined to be the future of freestyle competition.

Skill level and discipline:

Advanced | Expert

Free-style | Wake-style

BKA Secondhand gear:

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7m (Mareike Brase)


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