Best Cabo V3 (S/H)

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Year model | 2015

Mileage | 1 season

Repairs | None

Condition | Kite is in great condition.

Owner(s) |

  • 7m: Sell on behalf for a BKA customer. Has only had one known owner.
  • 6m: BKA demo/rental kite. Was used mainly for rentals and some demo/testing

Brand Description:
Surfing down the face of a huge wave might easily be the best feeling in the world. Solely to pursue this unique experience we developed the Cabo, a kite 100% focused on wave riding. The Tri-strut design and the slightly swept wingtips provide an exceptional downwind drift allowing you to park the Cabo at the very edge of the wind window and concentrate fully on the wave beneath (or above) you. We further reduced the weight of the kite enhancing its agility. As the Cabo comes with our lifetime warranty, we build it Surf Tough with a reinforced trailing edge and optimized placements of the Dacron canopy. We also further improved the stability, giving you a rock solid kite while you charge every wave!

Skill level and discipline:

Beginner | Intermediate | Advanced | Expert

Free-ride | Wave-riding

BKA Secondhand gear:

All items are checked for damage and repairs, and fixed where needed. However, no manufacturer’s guarantee/warranty is offered. Please contact us directly for more pictures or further details on specific items.

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7m (Thomas Proch), 6m (Demo)


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