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Year model | 2011

Mileage | About 2 seasons

Repairs | None

Condition | This kite although an older model has particularly been well looked after. The owner never left the kite on the beach flapping in the wind excessively, so canopy is still relatively crisp for its age.

Owner(s) | Sell on behalf for a BKA customer. Has only had one known owner

Brand Description:
If the Bularoo V2 looked familiar out of the bag, it will certainly feel familiar in the hands! The Waroo had a healthy following because it did everything so well, waves, hangtime, freestyle and just out and out blasting were never a problem. You’ll be pleased to hear the same can be said of the Bularoo V2. No matter what you throw at it the kite comes back eager for more. Sending the kite up through the power zone produces a serious amount of lift and hangtime. Unhook and the kite is well behaved and stable allowing you to pop and perform your tricks without worrying what the kite is going to do. Upwind the kite attacks the front of the window, helped by the small frame profile. The bar pressure feels about right, not overly heavy and not too light, giving the rider plenty of feedback as you ride and manoeuvre the kite around the window.

Skill level and discipline:

  • Beginner | Intermediate | Advanced
  • Free-ride | Free-style | All-round

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