Best Blk Bar (GP-V5) (Demo)

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Year model | 2016

Mileage | About 2 seasons

Repairs | None

Condition | Bar is used and in good condition.

Owner(s) | Demo/rental of BKA.

Brand Description:
The BLK bar with its loaded fifth line is fine tuned to match the incredible freestyle performance of the GP. It is super tough, safe and designed for handle passes and kite loops. Use it to have the kite rip you brutally from the water’s surface to spit you into unknown heights. 
Toughness – Shred with the Toughest Gear:
To mega loop a kite in 30+ knots takes courage and the right gear. The Black bar is the right gear. Each single line has an absurd breaking load of 490 kg. The bar is reinforced with ultra-strong alloy steel that improves the steering and makes the bar incredible durable. Lastly the center line is 9,8 mm thick – basically unbreakable. This bar is the toughest Best bar there is. All you need to do is stop thinking and commit! 
Adjust and Trim – Take Full Control:
To jump higher, loop lower and pop harder can only be achieved by using the right technique and precise gear. With the Black bar you seize unlimited control. The original Clam Cleat® allows you to power and depower your kite to have exactly the power you need to shine. The perfect trim can easily be achieved with our Backline adjusters that are sitting inside the floaters. 
Safety – Reduce All Risk:
You need to crash over and over again to progress. Be assured that your Black bar has the best system on the market to help you solve any situation without harm to you or your gear. It excels in all international safety standards due to the proven quick release system featuring the original Iron Heart IV. It matches the French Norm with ease: release force always below 9.8 kg and actual release process below 0.5 seconds. The reversed pin protects your hand, the kite flags out on the fifth line and gently falls from the sky. 
Innovative Features – Go with Advanced Design:
The better you get the better gear you need. When practicing handle passes you will learn that the Black bar offers a tremendous support. Our proven custom freestyle stitched suede grip comes with a natural stickiness. The bar won’t slip your hands while providing decent comfort. Thanks to the slim bar stick your hands tire less easily even after a lot of unhooked riding. Additionally we equipped the bar with our patented self-lubricant Delrin Insert that efficiently reduces wear and tear on the power line to ensure your bar lasts a lifetime – one of the many reasons why it comes with our lifetime warranty.

Skill level and discipline:

Advanced | Expert

Free-style | Wake-style

BKA Secondhand gear:

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