AK Fuse Seat Harness V3

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Versatile ergonomic seat harness.
Full back support.
Reinforced padded handle.

The Fuse seat harness is a classic low-cut seat harness with full back support, perfect for anyone from the first-time rider to a veteran racer. For those who are learning, with upper back problems, or racing, the Fuse is ideal for low hook style riding and comfort.     

Internal Back Support Padding
The internal back support provides premium support and a snug fit, perfect for the first time rider or a veteran racer.

Reinforced Padded Handle
For a firm comfortable grip, the Fuse harness includes a box stitch reinforced grab handle."

Spreader Bar Included
The Fuse seat harness comes kitted with a stainless steel spreader bar. The unique hook shape and length keep the center line secured, but also allows for easy unhooking when needed. Assembled and ready to go, the spreader bar features a neoprene cover and simple push release. "                                                                                                                                        

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