Airush Livewire V7 (Display)

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Year model | 2021/22

Mileage | Never used (display products)

Repairs | None 

Condition | ❶❷❸❹❺❻❼❽❾⑩

Owner(s) | Airush Display Products

Include(s) | Board/Fins/Handle/Washers/Screws

Brand Description:

Livewire v7

Performance freestyle & park-specific twintip.

Most aggressive & durable board available.

Duratech Response Glass with Triax technology.

The Livewire is a refreshing take on a freestyle, park and wakestyle board providing tons of performance whilst not compromising on riding comfort. Boots or straps, the Livewire is responsive underfoot, grips incredibly well, and the pop will fire you into your next move. Featuring a HD Grindrite sintered base, deep channel, and concave combo bottom in conjunction with a high rocker. This combination of features makes the Livewire the most aggressive and durable freestyle and wakestyle board in our range. Suited to those wanting to ramp up their park riding.


Full 3D deck shape.

Deep channel & concave combo bottom shape.

Rail channels.

138×41 140×42 142×43 147×43

Construction: Duratech Response Glass

Basalt Lamination.

Tuned Flex.

HD Grindrite Sintered Base.

Discipline: Free-Style I Wake Style

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