Airush Diamond Surf (2018)

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Year model | 2018

Mileage | Unknown or No. Seasons

Repairs | None

Condition | ❶❷❸❹❺❻❼❽❾⑩
Gear is brand new with some possible superfical handling scratches

Owner(s) | Airush Clearance Stock

Include(s) | Front & Back Deck Pads/Fins

Brand Description:
Working closely with key female riders, we have developed an all round women’s specific shape to meet the demands of a more diverse range of conditions. With reduced volume to suit lighter riders, the Diamond also has a narrower stance.
Derived from our Comp shape, the Diamond focuses on blending speed and agility in a variety of conditions for lighter riders. The intermediate length creates stability in higher winds and powerful surf, while the intermediate width assists with the drive to deal with less than ideal conditions.
A single concave bottom shape keeps the Diamond Surf loose and maneuverable and provides the drive you when you need it. If you are looking for a true gem in the Surf, the Diamond delivers perfectly for the discerning female rider.

Skill level:
Beginner | Intermediate | Advanced | Expert


BKA Secondhand gear:
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