Airush Cypher (2016) (s/h)

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Year model | 2016

Mileage | Unknown 

Repairs | None 

Condition | ❶❷❸❹❺❻

Owner(s) | Johan Gorgens

Include(s) | Pads/straps/fins/deckpads

Brand Description:

DESIGN FEATURES: The Airush Cypher has been completely redesigned for 2016 with shorter width and wider blunt nose shape with a parallel outline that promotes excellent upwind drive and early planing. The shape is short and compact, with thicker rails that thin out nicely at the tail. The Cypher provides a magic combination of nimble and smooth feel with a snappy tail for quick pivots and wave-smacking ability. The Cypher’s light weight and reactive construction enhance its nimble and reactive feel, and make it a gem for off-the-lip aerials.

FREERIDING/FREESTYLE:  Test riders were impressed with the performance of the Cypher; a fun board to rip around on at any time and in almost any condition. The Cypher feels quick and light underfoot and hovers nicely over chop without the bounce of some traditional more down-the-line surfboards. Looking at it you think it will be harder to turn with its thicker central rails, but the Cypher avoids that downfall and feels loose and nimble even at higher speeds. The board is fast upwind and its thicker rails and central volume give the board huge lower-end wind range. The Cypher is also nicely balanced for punting strapless airs or ollieing over crashing white water. A great board for advancing your surf riding skills on those lighter wind, freeride days.

RIDING SURF: The Cypher is ideal in onshore, medium-sized surf and can turn small wavers into a fun day. It has good power underfoot but still has a tight playful turn radius and is snappy off the tail when it needs to be. The larger Cypher is better for heavier riders, or lighter wind riding

BEST FOR: All around, real world conditions.

Length:5’6”, 5’4”
Width:20”, 19 .”
Thickness:2 2/5”, 2 2/5”
Width 6” from tail:12”, 11 .”
Width 12” from tail:15 .”, 15 .”
Width 18” from tail:17 5/8”, 17 .”
From tail to max width:34”, 33”
Fin set up:Thruster

Skill level:
Beginner | Intermediate | Advanced | Expert


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