Airush Converse (2017)

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Year model | 2017

Mileage |  BRAND NEW

Repairs | None

Condition |❶❷❸❹❺❻❼❽❾
Gear is brand new with some possible superfical handling scratches

Owner(s) | Airush Clearance Stock

Brand Description:The Converse is Airush’s dedicated down the line shape, developed without compromise to destroy
any wave you put in front of it. The Patented Active Construction has proven itself as the absolute benchmark in surf constructions,
with the lightest weight possible achieved through the Active Stringer and Flexible Carbon Sandwich Construction.

For 2017 the 5’11 has increased in width slightly to carry more speed through the turn. On all sizes the high tail rocker works together with the three quarter hip section and the rounded pin tail to maximize maneuverability, enabling massive off the top snaps and tight driving bottom turns. The higher entry rocker through the nose enable the Converse to fit vertically into the steepest wave section, and combines with the narrower nose width to pull the nose around when setting a rail in a bottom turn or driving a more powerful full rail top turn.

The longest of the Airush surf range, this additional rail length enhances stability at speed, making the Converse ideal for bigger waves and down-the-line waves, while the narrower width also suits high wind conditions.

Skill level:
Intermediate | Advanced | Expert


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5'11", 5'9"


Active Wood, Flytech


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