Finance your watersports gear

Board and Kite Africa (BKA) has partnered with KiteFin, a reputable and registered credit provider to offer you a flexible short to long-term finance payment option. Exclusive to BKA currently, you can apply for finance up to a maximum of R30 000. A minimum total order amount of R5 000 and a 20% upfront deposit is required. Great option if you want your order as soon as possible but don’t have the finances to pay the full order amount. Only available to South African ID holders.

Follow these steps to process your application:

  • Submit your South African ID and thereafter your full application details below.
  • Within 24 hours Kitefin will notify you via email if your application is approved.
  • Pay the 20% upfront deposit to Board and Kite Africa.
  • Make sure you have some portable possession or sports gear insurance!
  • Collect your chosen watersports gear from Board and Kite Africa and hit a session!

See below examples of what you could expect to pay:

Eleveight RS V4Airush Diamond V5 KiteStarboard Wide Point SUP
Cost: R20,890.00Cost: R16,490.00Cost: R19,999.00
Down Payment: R4178.00 (min 20%)Down Payment: R3298.00 (min 20%)Down Payment: R3999.80 (min 20%)
Monthly Repayment: R2,190.02 x12Monthly Repayment: R1,764.16 x12Monthly Repayment: R2,103.79 x12
Total Capital: R16,712.00Total Capital: R13,192.00Total Capital: R15,999.20
Interest + Insurance: R7,550.48Interest + Insurance: R5,960.15Interest + Insurance: R7,228.44
Fees: R2,017.80Fees: R2,017.80Fees: R2,017.80
Total Repayment: R26,280.28Total Repayment: R21,169.95Total Repayment: R25,245.44