Shane Scheckle

Shop Owner

When did you start watersports and how did you get into it?
My Father was a keen dinghy sailor, so I started sailing at a pretty young age. I was very interested in Windsurfing in the mid 80’s too but limited to inland lakes kept me on large on “One Design” stuff. In the Emirates in 2001 I was introduced to power kites and kitesurfing. A group of us started self teaching with ram air kites in the water.

How long have you been in the watersports industry?
In 2003 I bought a kitesurfing retail shop in Table View. Due to unforeseen circumstances we had to re-locate a few times but in 2009 we moved into a new location opposite Kitebeach, Table View. In 2012 with my now partner Lanral, we changed names to BKA and our approach to now servicing a beach lifestyle rather than a kite brand to the community.

What do you do in the watersports industry?
I am currently a part owner of BKA shop. In 2012 I stepped away from the daily workings of BKA due to family commitments and a calling to get back into engineering. I love the sport and will still try and assist with demo days and public marketing when and where I can.

What did you do before?
I studied Mechanical Engineering at the Natal University of Technology. I moved a lot between various industries, positions and environments. In 1998 I went over to the UAE, whilst being a Project and Maintenance Manager, I learnt to Kiteboard and that was the deciding point to return to SA and also to make my passion my business.

What is your speciality in the watersports disciplines?
I don’t have a speciality and now kite for the fun of it, rather than learning new moves. My interest in certainly mostly wave riding both under a kite and on a SUP. I seem to go through phases of twin tip and strapped directional. The twin tip allows jumping which is my other soft spot. Both of these really suit the broad range of wind speed and water conditions Kitebeach has to offer.

What motivates you and what is your motto for your watersports?
Water time is my “me” time. Being a devoted family man, getting out there also clears the mind and the exercise always feels good too. It only takes that one wave to make everything better again.