Mike Engelbrecht

Auctioneer & Media Designer

When did you start watersports and how did you get into it?
I started when big bay still had a wooden lifeguard hut, a fish and chips shop and the braai areas across the road, this was around 1998/99 and I was trying to surf with no success I might add. Shortly after this I received a Flexifoil 2 line power kite (10ft) as a gift which I use to go crazy with on the beach. Then in 2004 a mate convinced me to take Kite Lesson with then BEST Kiteboarding School (now BKA/Kiteboarding Cape Town School) and for the last 16 years, the rest is history.

How long have you been in the watersports industry?
I was hooked, from the first day walking into BKA and spending close on 3 hours in the shop with the guys (Shane, Lanral & Bruce) all I wanted to do was work for/in the industry. Around 2008/2009 (I think) I started to do demo days for BKA and the 2014/15 I started to work for BKA full time in the shop, dealing with most aspects of the shops operations. In early 2017 I did my instructors course and started to teach for the school (Bruce – Kiteboarding Cape Town) that taught me all those years ago. So I would say that I have been actively involved in the industry for the last ±11 years in one way, shape or form.

What do you do in the watersports industry?
Anything pretty much that is required of me. I am kind of a Jack of all trades, master of none! I really enjoy to promote BKA and the brands that they sell (Airush & Eleveight). I have still done demo days, organizing (NOT single handed) for the last 3 years the BKA KOTA Viewing Deck, Demo Day road trips and private demos for clients. Was actively involved in repairs for the shop and just in general. I would also consider myself some sort of a team rider for the shop and whenever I get the chance promote & drum up sales for BKA.

What did you do before?
Before working in the kite industry, I was in Hospitality, qualified as a chef and in Hotel management, did this in 5 establishments around the world for a bit till I found my passion for Kiteboarding.

What is your speciality in the watersports disciplines?
When it comes to kiting it depends on the wind, I would say Big Air/Free riding would be my favourite, when the wind is lighter old school/low and slow really gets me going. SUP’ing, the flatter the water, the better for me, sometimes a small little wave on a whopper can be a good laugh.

What motivates you and what is your motto for your watersports?
In Afrikaans we have a phrase “HARDER, VINNIGER!!”, Directly translated “Harder, Faster!!”. I like to push my limits when kiting with friends, I love the freedom that the ocean provides, so I kite like I live life, as hard and as fast as possible – so whenever there is wind and life allows me to get in the water, I SEND IT in any which way nature will allow.