Lanral Ruddock

Shop Owner & Manager

When did you start doing watersports and how did you get into it?

I first flew a stunt kite in about 2000 thanks to some friends who introduced me to this new craze of kite-flying on land. Thereafter I worked near Dubai in the UAE, where a group of friends had just discovered kiting on the water with inflatable kites, and together we taught each other how to get up and riding.

How long have you been in the watersports industry?

I started working in the kite industry from 2002, so have now been active in this industry for 18 years. I first worked at Underground Kiteboards in Christchurch, New Zealand, where I learnt to make kiteboards and became head laminator in producing kiteboards. After some travelling and kiting around the world, I met up with my now business partner Shane Scheckle in Cape Town, and started working for him at his kite shop. I took over management and became part-owner in BKA since 2012 till now.

What do you do in the watersports industry?

Currently I am the shop manager and part-owner of BKA shop. I sell and rent Kite, SUP and lifestyle gear to our customers, and manage all aspects of the business including ordering, inventory management, marketing and online maintenance. Together with my business partner Shane Scheckle and BKA Kite School owner Bruce Gonlag, I strategize and plan future projects and directions for the BKA shop. Many years of kiteboarding and SUPing has given me deep knowledge and experience of these fields.

What did you do before?

I grew up in conservation areas, which gave me a love for nature and the outdoors. This led me into studying Zoology at university level, where I completed my M.Sc. in Zoology at the University of Stellenbosch in 1999. Strangely enough, my first job in this field in the UAE brought me in touch with the friends that introduced me to Kiteboarding.

What is your speciality in the watersports disciplines?

I have mainly focused on twintip kiteboarding with the occasional foray on a strapless surfboard. Having stayed in Cape Town for most of my kiteboarding career, I have developed a love for big air riding in strong to gale force winds, but also love throwing down some old-school freestyle in moderate to strong winds and unhooked freestyle in light to moderate winds. During the non-windy season or non-windy days, I will wave-ride with a performance SUP and occasionally surf when conditions are good.

What motivates you and what is your motto for your watersports?

“Get out of your head and into the water”.

Being out in the wild expanse of the ocean and harnessing its power to have fun and be in the moment, away from the daily stresses of life. The feeling of flying through the air with a kite or riding a wave with a SUP/surfboard purely through the action of nature is exhilarating!