Adrian Greyling

Instructor & Shop Assistant

When did you start doing watersports and how did you get into it?
My interest in water sports started when I was about 7 years old, when I would visit my gran in Strand. I would watch the guys surf from her flat, which was situated on Beach Road and instantly I was hooked. Other than skateboarding, which has also been a big passion of mine, skating really helped me with the fundamentals before hitting the surf. A family friend’s son who was a talented lifeguard at the Big Bay lifesaving club, back in the day – he gave me an old short board of his and thats when the surf “bug” bit me. Surfing and skating was literally my life up until the age of 23, and then I discovered kite boarding from school friend of mine. In 2012 I started working at a kite shop where I was able to learn more about kite surfing and learn how to kite surf myself. I finished my IKO training in 2013 and from that day on I found a new passion.

How long have you been in the watersports industry?
I have been working and being an active member of the kite surfing industry since 2013, so this is now 7 years.

What do you do in the watersports industry?
I am an IKO Kiteboarding Instructor and SUP/Surf instructor. My job is to teach and guide students to get up and riding on a kite, SUP or surfboard.

What did you do before?
I was at school and thereafter worked for Second Surf Shop for 4 years before I started working in the kite industry.

What is your speciality in the watersports disciplines?
I love all kite disciplines but my favourite is strapless wave-riding, strapless foiling (rookie at that lol, lots of practice required). I really enjoy stand up paddle board wave-riding as well.

What motivates you and what is your motto for your watersports?
What motivates me is seeing everyone else on the water having fun and shredding.
“Life’s like a roller-coaster. Just go with the flow!”