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DATE | TIME:Monday | 31 August 2020 | 17h30 SAST
REGISTRATIONS CLOSE:Monday | 31 August 2020 | 16h00 SAST


(Please note “List Price” is the original retail value of the item, not the opening bid price).

Item List
Airush AP Bar 41- 48cm - 5L (2018) (s/h):R4199
Airush Converse (2019) / 5'11"x18.75" (Display):R16890
Airush Razor (2017) (s/h) / 13m / Black:R11399
Airush Wave (2018) (s/h) / 8m / Reefer:R12299
AK Synth Harness Proto / M / Lime & Teal (no spreader):R2990
Best GP V6 (Demo) / 11m:R6230
Eleveight Master Twintip / 142cm:R9390
Quiksilver Odyssey Boys Shorts / 8-9yr / Cammo:R469
Rayne Camera Mount Hamper Set (11 pc):R1731
Signature Boards Revelation Chris Bertish 39.7":R2199
Bonus Product


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